Why IGY6?

IGY6 is an acronym meaning “I got your 6” or I got your back. The saying resonates with military and Veterans, both literally and figuratively. It’s crucial we have Veterans’ backs in the war at home as they face struggles with post-traumatic stress, suicide risk, and more. Our donations to Mission 22 contribute to programs that make a difference. We want every Veteran to know - IGY6.

How can you help? We donate $1.22 from each candle or wax melt sold to Mission 22 providing support and resources to Veterans. Direct donations to Mission 22 are always welcomed and appreciated.

Join us in the fight to end Veteran suicide.

Meet the owner

Justin served seven years in the Air Force including three tours overseas. He struggled after returning home while his friends and fellow Veterans faced the same battles. Losing 22 Veterans a day to suicide was more than just a statistic - it was the devestating reality they were facing. Justin was determined to not only overcome these struggles but help other Veterans along the way. As a husband and wife duo, Justin and Kelsey followed this passion to make a difference and launched IGY6 Candle Company.